An automated system for blood sterility testing. High-fluorescent technology allows you to detect positive samples faster. A bottle with a BD BACTEC ™ nutritional medium employs a sensor that responds to CO2 released by microorganisms. Photodetectors measure the level of fluorescence, which depends on the amount of CO2 emitted. Further, these measurements are interpreted by the device in accordance with the criteria of the program analyzer. When positive cultures are detected, the device immediately reports this with light and sound signals and displays the data on the monitor.

    Ultra sensitive fluorescent
    Modular design: The capacity of the device can be increased by connecting three additional analyzers that work as a single system
    Neutralization of antibiotics
    Maximum neutralization of antibiotics - the presence of special resins in the culture vials, contribute to the inactivation of antibiotics in the test sample, including the effective neutralization of β-lactam preparations and vancomycin
    Percentage of crop sowing - 86.6% in the first day of incubation
    Types of bacteria
    Ability to cultivate both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms
    The presence of more than 16 specific detection algorithms for each phase of bacterial growth
    Complete compatibility of BD Bactec ™ vials with standard carriers and a "butterfly needle" blood donation system.
    Immediate notification of positive cultures
    Minimum degree of contact with infectious material
    External visual indicators (DISCO color status illumination) and computer touch screen